Here's a new game resurrected, and here's how to play.

A member puts up a picture of a part.

You name the part and the bike it belongs to.

Once it's confirmed... it's your turn to put something up.

Oooo.. it could get very obscure.


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OK.. i will start it.... what is this? And where does it belong?

Sorry to jump in so early Greg but I had one of these once and was overcome with a wave of nostalgia. An air filter box from an old wide-engine-mount Vespa such as the VB1 and this is where is goes....

Hey David........ > your turn

You have one of these Greg. What is it?


hint found on stator plate......

So Anthony name the part and add anothery....

Its called a pickup !


something important to keep hold of

Good on you Anthony. Well done. CDI unit pickup trigger used for spark timing. It replaces points ignition.

something important to hang on to

Piaggio Part number 84239 (chassis prefix VBA. Spare parts list page 30  T14 quadrant B) bracket for handle bar control cables - left: gears top bottom - Right: throttle 


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