Ok post a pic of a part, classic or modern and see who knows what it is and then they get to post.

Sort of a 'bad weather indoor tag' of sorts.....

Here is an easy one

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Hey Tony. Good idea for a game.

Is it the kickstart thingy/quadrant?

And in the interests of keeping the game going, here's an even easier one!

mmmmmm a harmonica? Help me out Steve (wink)

I am not mechanically minded but it looks like a filter.... ummm an air filter?  but i do like Anne's guess better...lol

Now can anyone tell me what this thing is as the previous owner of Val told me to hang on to it!!!!!!....and I dont mean the dollar coin.....hehe...

.... and what's that little rod thing for?

Some sort of fertility rite?

I saw this on the side of Hindu temples in India

I think you've been looking at the L&Y carvings at Khajuraho too closely. They're motor scooter parts Greg!

Hmm.. anything to do with your front Bitubo shock absorber? The rod for adjusting spring pre-load and the washer thingy to look through the hole so as to admire it?

Oh that's great David...honestly I have no idea haha....I looked up GPS imports and found a flat washer that looks just like this and its use... versatile washer for vespa, piaggio, apprilia...hmmmmmm !!!!!!

Think we should move on to the next mysterious part please and I will just keep this bit somewhere safe....:)


Damn. Just too easy for a classic man. Over to you...

something to do with spark plug cap?

Or it's a nylex garden hose connector.


Dr Pulley Variator Sliding Weights ?


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