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In looking at the clearance for putting on a larger/new exhaust I noticed the bottom hose near the exhaust had been rubbing up against the side protection bar bracket causing a small cut in the hose...I have tapped it up to try and protect it from further damage but I will have to get a new replacement hose but I don't know what it is called....can anyone shed any light on it plus where I might get hold of a replacement hose.

cheers Mike

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If you need any specialty parts get yourself a parts catalog of your model Vespa for your iPhone or iPad and when you walk into Peter Stevens you point to the part on the diagram and give the part number. It's about a 2 minute exercise and the parts are always correct.


Cheers Gaz.....I did hunt down a parts diagram online but it was not a very good picture to work out which hose was what and it didn't have the part number  to work with but I will try and get hold of a parts catalog as it would make things easier for tracking down as you say...in the end I got the one I was after.


I did a search on the Modern Vespa website yesterday and found a thread with links to free pdf copies of the service manual and parts books including exploded diagrams, they were for a GT200 though. I'm sure a GTS would be there too.


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