just had to say :-)

but sadly gotta wait a while for the matching top box.  think I'm going to have to stick my black box from my old 300 on it for the next few weeks.

anyone want to buy my old 300 in black?

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Hi Louis

Are you selling you "old" black GTS 300?  If so put it up on the Buy Swap Sell page with pics, $$ and info.

Whoohoo a new HPE, I had a test ride last Sunday and it was pretty smick...:)  Enjoy all that power and the captivating dashboard...:)

Cheers Julie

Hi Julie, yeah I will sell the black 300 but not quite yet as I've moved the box off the black onto the new grey (as I was thinking in above psot).  also have to do things like switch rego plates (personalised), might also swap my adjustable brake levers (I only installed them a month ago) and general cleaning etc.  then I'll list it with pics etc.

about the hpe, yeah the torque is noticiable at take off


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