Hi all,

I’m chasing an upholstery / motor trimmer to redesign and cover my seat.

The line of my seat is located just where I sit and is uncomfortable on long rides. My Vespa is a daily rider so I want to fix it. Preferably I would prefer buying a secondhand seat and redesigning that. I had the same problem on my last scoot (2009 GTS 300) so am determined to fix the problem. 

I could look on line, but any recommendations are valued if they support the club.

Cheers Royce (Choice)... 2018 GTS SS.

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Hi Royce

There isn't a workshop in partnership with the club, but this guy in Hadfield does a big trade in the motorcycle community and will do Vespa seats.


The alternative of course is to buy a new seat. The 'gel' aftermarket seats are highly regarded.

For example: https://www.scooterstyle.com.au/product/saddle-sport-gel-vespa-gts/

Shop around, they are widely available.

Awesome Greg,

Much appreciated, I’ll make contact with him!

Hi Royce,

I had my BMW seat recovered by Nucleus Upholstery & Restoration. They do classic furniture mostly but very happy to do bike seats. Excellent quality and have specialist cover finishes for motorcycle seats. I have a a superb 'non slip' materia;l on my BM seat which is far superior to the original BMW factory cover. Prices are fair and service is exceptionally friendly.

Address29 Albert St, Northcote VIC 3070

Phone0408 890 120

Awesome thanks Ants, I’ll certainly look at them as well. Non slip covers are a smart move.

I use Chris O'Shea, 0400 820885.

A bit expensive but one of the best


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