Mobile Phone based offline navigation - no mobile network required.

After looking at ways to mount a phone on my GTS 300 I found a suitable water-resistant holder / cover (not water proof!) unit for $12 on eBay.

This unit had a clamp that would adjust down to the mirror stalk. To increase the stability of the unit I put a long self-tapping screw through the case and into the swivel adjuster plastic moulding, and another at the bottom of the case to a 3mm rivet nut insert that was put into the plastic just above the engine kill switch.
For navigation I used my Samsung S5 phone which has a GPS receiver in conjunction with a navigation application for Android (or Apple IOS) by the name of ‘OsmAnd’ which does not require a mobile phone signal to work. This uses the ‘Plotaroute’ GPX file information which VCOM uses for run planning. OsmAnd can also be used to give directions to a street address etc, and if you have a Bluetooth helmet headset it also will give you voice prompts. More detail is in the article I wrote for the MX5 club of Victoria on page 30.

To allow the phone to run with the navigation screen constantly on without running out of battery I bought an 8 amp hour battery pack and right angled USB lead which fits neatly in the phone holder with a bit of foam padding between the phone and battery pack. I decided on a battery pack instead of adding a USB socket on the scooter.
Hope someone finds my notes of interest. – James Lang

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I thought of doing this but was always concerned about leaving an expensive phone baking in the sun on my longer rides ...

… so I bought a tomtom rider which is designed for this sorta enviro.  it's pretty horrible but gets the job done.

for power I wired in a water proof 12v lighter socket into the left plastic panel (not sure what this little panel is called - it's the left black one in your photo)

I use a quadlock mirror stem mount, it’s fantastic. Have to buy a special cover with option to purchase waterproof ‘poncho’ which goes over the front of the phone. All up around $130.

Great Post James!

Thanks for the simple and easty to understand advice and leads.

I'll be adopting this for all of my two wheel navigation needs!

I've got a cheap but reliable Motorola phone so I'm not so precious about its vulnerability.

The battery pack I used would only put out power once a button was pressed, and timed out after a couple of hours....I am going to replace it with a unit that puts out power all the time it is plugged in to the phone.


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