wondering if anybody has any info on delorto si 24/24 carb emulsifier tube. Have fitted big box exhaust, and changed main jet to 120 (was 118). Current mixer is BE3, and thinking about going to BE4. I believe this will alter low to mid rpm performance. Anyone done this?

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The primary jet, main jet and emulsion tubes all work together. Changing one item alone may not be the answer. I have been experimenting with jetting a 24/24 on my Super with a Malossi 177 kit & exhaust. LOTS of trial and error and taking plenty of notes whenever I made a change.

Good luck. You're about to head down a fairly decent rabbit hole. ;-)

Heya Darren. Rabbit hole it certainly was ... after lots of mucking about, I ended up with a BE4 mixer tube and a 130 main jet with a TSR Vortex exhaust. Difference is incredible ... hills that were "almost" 3rd gear, now can accelerate up same hill in 4th. Huge amount of extra torque. Not sure about top speed, but that wasn't the requirement anyway, altho it certainly runs very nicely at 90Kmh. Probably does 10 mpg but who cares :o))) Thanks for the input also. 


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