My old 2009 GTS had long mirrors.  My new Supertech had short mirrors and better styling (plus left mirror was reverse thread direction).

Ordered new CM261901 + CM261902 which are the new styling but with the older longer length from a Primavera (2015?) and they fit nicely :-)  Much better vision, highly recommended

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Thanks for the product advice. I have read where others find the original mirror stem length short with this model. As for me, everything feels perfect. If someone had taken my personal measurements to build under me and round me a custom scooter ride the result would be a - GTS 300hpe Supertech (I prefer the seat finish on this model against a standard hpe). There's genuine pride of ownership with this first Vespa scooter. And this can be measured against many rides over the last 53 years.

I'm thinking about how you are all managing down there during lock-down. Be safe


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