It's Game On!

Here's how you play:

A member will post a picture of their Vespa in front of a Melbourne landmark or location. There's the challenge!

You have to be the first to find the location and post a picture of your own Vespa at the same spot.

Then it's your turn.

Find a location, take a picture of your own Vespa there, and post it up. Try and do this within 24 hours to keep things moving.

Please keep the tag reasonably easy - the idea is to keep the game moving!

If you have chosen a difficult location, and members are obviously having trouble finding it, you can post a clue or two to keep the game rolling along.

Have fun

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Here is the start... reasonably easy. Hint... it's at the beach! Go forth and tag!

A few months late but remembered to stop this time and take a pic.
Brighton Beach at the end of South Road


New Tag


Got it! State Library, Swanston St. There's a whole building under there.

Gardens near parliament station ?


"In their own generation the wise may sneer,
They hold our Vespas in derision ;
Perchance to sophist, or sage, or seer,
Were allotted a graver vision.
Yet if man, of all the Creator plann'd,
His noblest work is reckoned,
Of the works of His hand, by sea or by land,
The Vespa may at least rank second."

Easy tag for anyone in the city....????

I hope i'm doing this right?

Good one Leo

It may not be a famous landmark, however thought it might be nice to take it a little bit out of the CBD (it's still very close) plus there is an easy clue in the photo. - if it's not easy enough or not correct (my first Tag sorry), please let me know and I'll get an other one up asap.

Well done Leo and I think we can figure out why you liked this site...matching colors and all...:)

Ok who is going to get this one....!!

Passed this way this arvo but have just seen it now.
Early next week I could be there .
Who will beat me ?


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