There will be a Melbourne ride this Sunday down to the Christmas Geelong breakfast. We will safely zip down the highway in the early morning at 8 am.   

The usual meeting advice is below.

It's the Geelong breakfast this Sunday and a group from Melbourne always rides down to share a day with our Geelong area members. Let's make this a big ride down Melbourne! Join us for the ride down!

We cruise down together from Brooklyn at 8 am, and the ride speed is modified to accommodate all Vespa attending. We look after each other!

Log your attendance under the event here.

The usual meeting detail is below.

Melbourne ride down

Meeting at the BP SERVO in Brooklyn, Geelong Road.


Good fuel Coffee! Better amenities

This is the second last servo before entering the freeway to Geelong.

If you want to ride together then be here in time to leave at 8 AM ...

It's a short half hour ride to the outer suburbs of Geelong.

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Hope to see you there to celebrate Christmas with the Geelong crew.

Greg and Julie will also leave for Nhill.


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