Hello, I'm a new member - in an older male body. I did tap dance around this site 4-5 years ago - and members were very kind, but I took a circuitous route with other ride purchases before coming back to the beginning. It's not really the beginning, which actually started more than 52 years ago with a Bridgestone 80cc mc. But the beginning in the sense that when I decided years back that I wanted another scooter the GTS 300 was a steed of choice.

So, enter my 2020 GTS 300 hpe (grey): the question to which net searching delivers no results, as I can determine, is the performance surrounding the Maxxis tyres that are shod on all late delivery GTS scooters (in Australia). My latest ride has only 90ks on the clock over three days, but there exists some trepidation with these Maxxis tyres. Are my considerations justified?

This is a gorgeous scooter, which evokes a sense of pride and owner appreciation that can't readily be found with many others. It is my first Vespa -  

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Hi Mark and welcome.

Tyres tend to be a matter of personal choice so it is hard to recommend. Everyone has adifferent preference.

I haven't ridden on Maxxis so can't comment.

I am about to try Pirelli Angel on the recommendation of another rider.

Welcome to the club Mark,

Good choice of stead. Only 90kms up is not much. I wonder if this article about scrubbing in new tyres might be relevant to you question:


Best wishes, David

Thanks for the response, guys. OMG, I just looked at previous content and see a reply from Julie over six years ago. Already. It's taken that long to have a set of Vespa keys in my pocket.

I thought 90ks in 2.5 days, under some lock-down restrictions, was a fare recreational initial effort.

It's difficult to assess the Maxxis tyres at this point as the Vespa 'experience' is new to me - somewhat different from my last experimental ride: Yamaha Tricity 155; capable but 'coarse'. I thought I would take the short cut and ask opinions from other riders of the Maxxis installed GTS tyres.

Of the many rides owned over now too many years I can't remember ever feeling any more passionate about a bike than a few I would rate at the top. I feel lucky to have chosen well. It just needs to remain reliable. It sits handsomely next to my banana yellow Monkey 125 - and has stolen the show. The Monkey tyres really 'stick'.

Thanks for the link ...... 

Settling in: I've racked up 400ks and am beginning to gain some confidence with the Maxxis tyres. Some of this can be attributed to adapting to the Vespa characteristics. I'll run these tyres until they require replacing.

What a gorgeous scooter I have purchased. 

Hi Mark,

Ive tried a few different brands now on my GTS and found Dunlop Scoot Smart to be the best. I had Michelin City Grip and found the tyres scalloped out on the tread..... my Vespa also had a shudder between 50-60 km/hr with the Michelins. I was told the shuddering was just part of owning a Vespa but it has disappeared with the Dunlops. I do lots of long distance riding in Gippsland and can highly recommend Scoot Smart.

In relation to this is the important aspect of tyre pressure.

The scalloping you describe can often be the product of incorrect (for that tyre design) air pressure. Some tyres are very sensitive while others are more tolerant to pressure variation. 

Carcass construction is the key factor, in relation to steering geometry, weight distribution and tread pattern design. The scalloping indicates the way the tyre pattern behaves when it grips the road.

Monitoring a tyre from new and adjusting tyre pressure accordingly for feel, grip and wear.

I tend to slightly higher pressure (within the recommended range) across most of my bikes and the Vespa. With close vigilance for Continental tyres, reasonable variation for Michelin, and Pirelli and a surprising pressure tolerance with Dunlops.

Often, and to paraphrase Harry Potter's wand merchant Olivander, "the tyres choose the bike".

Thanks Jo - and Ants. I've only traveled just under 700ks in the 4 weeks I have owned this new scoot. I attend to the manufactures tyre pressure recommendations, but am mindful to achieve good heat in the tyres before any fancy riding. If at all.

I am aware of the Dunlop Scoot Smart tyre - so will look further into it.

I held a penchant for the GTS 300 from 2012, but numerous owner articles relating to steering wobbles, under certain conditions, was distracting to me. However, I find no such adverse characteristics with my ride - nothing at all beyond small wheels, at speed, in windy conditions, with a scooter with a wide front apron. What has amazed me is how 'poised', and stable is this scooter under general metro conditions.

The best tyre choice, which includes the way I would enjoy to ride my scooter, is now my only investigation.

Did this scooter choose me?


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