Hi, the master key for my Vespa Sprint 125ie has been "missing" for some time. I keep hoping it will turn up but think I now need to accept that it' gone for good.
The ramifications are stressful. I have been looking at online forums that suggest workarounds but the site's don't seem to be Australian. Does anyone know if there is a legitimate local solution other than the costly replacement of the ECU, lock and reprogramming of new keys? Jo

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Hi Jo

You could just get a a copy of your blue key so you have a back up.  To get a new master key will cost over $1000.... If you can find a key cutter that has the right machine that can replicate your blue key it will cost around $100.  Good luck.

Hi Jo,

I think that Vespa keys are compatible with Fiat keys so it might be worth checking with a Fiat dealer.

The key that can be copied from a non master key will obviously not be a master but it will be a totally reliable spare.

If I'm any judge of life I can almost guarantee that your original master key will turn up as soon as you've paid for a copy.


Hi Jo, I bought a GT 200 last year that came without the blue key and only a single brown key. I looked into buying a Vespa blank key but didn't and instead arranged for a mobile locksmith to supply the blank and make a copy from the brown key. I've put the brown key aside in a safe place and use the new key (which is blue in colour!). It is a lot easier to create a duplicate from a brown key now than when the Piaggio anti theft system was introduced in the early Noughties. The mobile locksmith charged like a wounded bull, over $200 for the blank and programming but did come to me. You should be able to save yourself the premium charged for the visit by going to a good locksmith. Roberto has the name of the one I used and I do know that he is currently tasked with fixing a scooter for which both the blue and brown keys have gone missing. If your local locksmith can't make a copy then ask an auto electrician or Roberto where to go.

Thank you Julie, Bob and Philip for your replies. I've been investigating further and spoken to a couple of locksmiths here in Geelong and am feeling less stressed now that it seems I can get a copy of the "spare" key. I plan to visit locksmiths tmrw.
I don't fully understand the importance of the master key if copies can be made of a spare, but once I have two keys that work, I'll be happy. Jo

Glad you have some options of locksmiths.  The Master Key (Brown Key) holds the computer chip for your vespa, that is the importance of it Jo.  This one can't be copied.  Hopefully you do find it one day.  

Cheers Julie

Jo, the biggest advantage of the master key is that you can use it to program blank blue keys.

You can do it yourself on your scooter.

It means that you can purchase a blank blue key and have it cut anywhere and then program it yourself.

Hi all, fyi - I had a copy made of my "spare" key today ($165) so I now have two - yay!
My take away from this experience is that it's cheaper to buy a blank ($44) and program it from the master (if you have it) but not the end of the world if you don't but still have the spare - just more expensive.
Have already put the spare in a safe and easily relocatable place. ☺️

Hi Jo, I'm in the same situation, having lost the brown and second blue. I have asked a couple of Locksmith here in Sydney and they don't seem to be able to do it. Would you mind to tell me which shop did you do it as I'm often in Melbourne area and I could bring m only key next time I'm down? and as well I imagine you brought the brand new blank key to the shop? Thanks

Peppe, Jo is in Geelong.  As John has suggested, contact the Piaggio dealer in Sydney, they should be able to help you.  All the best.


Just buy the master key again from the dealers? I think all keys on newer Models are electronically mastered
Thus Just cutting a Piaggio spare will not work for you....

When I bought my bike, I bought 3 spares and had them cut by Peter stevens. The brown master never leaves the house!

iirc the brown is required when 'programming' the blue keys to work with the immobiliser.  also don't think another brown can be made - keep it at home in a safe place!


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