Hi all, I have a 2015 Gaiola Blue GTS300 and looking for a matching top box.  I know it's a long shot but if anybody has a second hand one, that's my first option.  If I can't get one, who would I be best to order one through?  Any suggestions/recommendations?

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Sip has colour matched top boxes


Thanks Robert

Hi Mark

The colour is a 'one off' imported into Australia that year, and it's unlikely any units would still be available here in that colour.

Recommended that you buy a cheap second hand box in any colour and have it sprayed to match at one of the club's recommended shops. Not as expensive as you would think.

Thank you!

Apologies if you already have a solution. I got mine in that colour, together with rear rack, from Vespa House December 2019. With club discount worked out same price as elsewhere online.

Hi Jason and thanks for your response.  As it happens, I have ordered one through Vespa House and eagerly awaiting it’s arrival!


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