So, things are a bit quiet out on the street, but not in the workshop. I’ve been keeping busy working on my projects.

My last one was inspired by something I heard from Clinton. That was painting something then oven baking it. He did his wheels, but for me, it was cleaning up an expansion pipe for my PK 50. I’m happy the way it turned out. 

What have you been up to?

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Hi Rolf

That is an interesting "Rack of Lamb" on the Weber.....:) 

It sure is the perfect time to get into projects at this time. 

I finally finished sorting the "vespa stuff" in the garage but the ladies are needing some TLC which will happen very soon. 

We just need to finish giving the picket fence a spruce up.

The BBQ works well to heat up an engine case to fit new bearings. The key is to not get caught. Heard a friend once did that :-)

Hi Julie,

That Yellow geared Vespa looks very similar to my 73 VBC.




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