Can you remember on what rides the following photos were taken? The prize is an all expenses paid trip to the Gold Coast. Oh sorry, we can't offer that prize just now so it will be a plastic pencil sharpener. Hmm, looks like Phil could have been case number one of the current pandemic.

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I think it was a ride north

The top one is the Kerrisdale ride, I will never forget we made daisy chains and there was an old house we walk through...:)  Don't recall the second photo though and just wondering if we were on that ride...:)

Ah, you are right Julie. How nice that the daisies give it away. No, you weren’t part of the other ride. You and Greg were doing something far more important, like delivering monies to the Club’s charity project in Cambodia. 

Reedy Creek Homestead

I didn't think I recognised this house... :) 


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