Latest Covid-19 statement from the Committee - Organized Rides of 10

"The advice from DHHS to the Club is that organized rides of 10 people can now occur and be regarded as ‘recreation’, provided that social distancing rules are observed, and the club maintains a list of participants for possible future reference. So, the Club will be organizing a number of limited ride events under these conditions:

  • The rides are open to financial members only, and up to 10 people.
  • Members must be registered as ‘attending’ under the event on our website. Members cannot just ‘turn up’ unannounced and expect to have a place.There isn’t an option of ‘might attend’.
  • Any pillions must also be Members, and from the same rider household, and would count as two people. Make sure the ride organizer knows if you are bringing a pillion and using two places.
  • Social distancing of 1.5 metres must be practiced at the initial meeting point, and whenever the ride stops. Rides will be organized to ensure that a meal break will give Members access to take away facilities.
  • As the responsible Club representative, the ride organizer may cancel the ride at any stage if they consider the social distancing requirements are not being followed."

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Hi Member

As you know we have put up three rides for this weekend under the new guideines, which was enough to involve 30 members in an event. Two events booked out very quickly, and there's only a couple of spaces left in the Geelong ride.

It's an amazing response. Please bear with us while we re ativate the club. There will be another round of rides put up over the next weekend, so keep your eye ou on the website events page, and the Facebook page.


We are back to this policy folks.

The Club will survive!


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