I have just come home from the city. 

I parked the Vespa outside Brunettis in Flinders Lane. 

I was approached by an older attractive woman. 

She told me that she owned a Vespa back in 1960. 

She was 18 and needed transport from Werribee to the city for work 

the only thing she could afford was a Vespa . 

She bought it in Elizabeth street and commuted to and from Werribee

sometimes she caught the train from Werribee station but had to ride there from her home 

Her name is was Jane Hamlyn and she came to Australia from Scotland 

She said was a member of the club. 

Unfortunately she declined a photo opportunity. 

Fond  memories and happy to have chatted . 

I told her to look at the club site as she may find some past friends. 

She dosnt have a computer but will pursue this with the help of younger members of her family :)

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Nice story Lisa. Hope she is able to make contact with some of her old friends.

Hey Lisa

I have sent Sandy Dynon a message to see if she remembers Jane.  I will let you know if she does.  What a lovely interlude with a former vespa admirer and rider..

Cheers Julie


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