It's the big Melbourne breakfast next Sunday 10 May - new members please come along with your Vespa.

Yes it's the big Melbourne breakfast next Sunday.It's a Melbourne insitution! Hoping to see as many members out as possible, as well as any new prospective members. If you ride a Vespa then this is your club. Main topic of conversation over coffee will be ride planning to get us through Autumn and Winter!

And yes, it's Mothers Day so she is welcome along too!


New and prospective members - this is the place to introduce yourselves and connect.  You will be made very welcome.Details here and please post your RSVP.

Come along - it is just a relaxed morning and a great opportunity to:

  • Just meet, eat, talk vespa, kick tyres - you know
  • Introduce yourself - the breakfast is a designed for new people to come along, get to know us, and make a connection. New members will always be made welcome.
  • Show off your bike and new bling. We are getting about 30 bikes to breakfast so yours is welcome for display and admiration. Everyone loves to see a new bike at the breakfast.




Classic or modern, geared or automatic - if it's a Vespa then this is where you belong.

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Just back from Cambodia ride and looking forward to riding a vespa again.  

See you all at the breakfast tomorrow.

Hi all,

This is a question to all you vespa home mechanics like myself.

I have just put fresh petrol in my Vespa after it has had a 5 month holiday, preparing it for the ride tomorrow and it is not well.

When I kick start it, after a few minutes it goes into full revs and screams it head off . 

I cannot stop it unless I engage a gear and stall it.

It is not a sticking throttle cable.

I am thinking it it is sucking air into the crankcase from somewhere ???????.

After two hours in the garage I have given up ( in frustration I might add)

Any clues??? David, Claudio, Rolf !!!

I will be there in the morning,  but at this point via the car.


Mark 0408034050

Throttle cable?

Thanks Greg that was my first of many checks, I am leaning toward a dried out rear main seal but just hoping I am wrong>

Thanks  Mark 

Hi Mark. Yes, they are the symptoms of either an air leak or extremely lean mixture. Often you can kill an engine by pulling the choke full on. Check the gaskets between the airbox-engine case, and the carb-airbox first, check mixture screw setting and clean all jets. David

Hi David, thanks for the reply, it is a new carby and I did check the screws for tightness. I am pretty sure it is a seal but not looking forward to pulling the engine apart so I was hoping maybe it was something I had missed. By the way the Pinasco kit transformed the bike . Truly amazing . Cheers Mark
Judging by the group outside Claudio's cafe I just drove past (including a very pretty white 946) breakfast is still going! Good work, folks.

It was great to get along to the breakfast this morning and reconnect with such a friendly bunch of people. Look forward to getting along to a few more events.




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