Hi all, I'm looking at insurance for a new GTS250 or 300, is the anyone recommended, or more importantly, are there any insurers I should stay away from?

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I got mine through RACV last November, best price I found at the time

I'm with Insure My Ride for 200

Hey Quentin, have you actually bought your bike? If you buy new from Peter Stevens Melbourne, ask to speak to Ariane (a Vespa club member) who offers pretty good deals with Swann Insurance.

Otherwise, it's a case of shopping around. The main insurers for motorcycles seem to be Swann, Insure My Ride, QBE and RACV.  No doubt there are others. Anyway, that's my 2c.

I'd stay away from QBE...

I go with Swann, and they offered me the best price as well for full comprehensive,

(a lot of insurers I inquired with wouldn't even insure Learners or had ridiculous premiums)

Get a quote from FAMOUS. The premium is $50 LESS if you insure electronically.

Hi I found RACV to be best price, always a bit wary of the lesser name brands offering deals, sounds nice till claim time, only my opinion though.

I too am with RACV and they cover gear as well....

Thanks very much for the feedback all, got my L plate today, next stop a GT250 or 300!

Hey Quentin congratulations... have fun looking for your new vespa.... hopefully we will get to meet your soon. good luck.

Cheers Julie

Thanks Julie, looking forward very much to meeting the crew!

Hi Quentin,

you've probably already organised this but for interests sake, I've just rung around and got the following quotes for a GTV:



– Annual











Insure My Ride






Notes: QBE also has a $300 "inexperienced rider" excess on top of the $500. This exists for riders who have held their full license for less than three years. QBEs insurance also covers $4000 of riding gear.



Thanks very much Dave, very much appreciated! I'm still waiting for GTS250 to hit the wharf, hopefully next week, so I'll be signing up next week. My research had me pointing towards Swann, but I'll have to take another look at RACV. In my experience with insurers it's all about the claims process, and the feedback seems to be that Swann are a little more reasonable. I got burnt by QBE years ago so I think I'll steer clear of them.
Thanks again,


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