Hi all, I'm looking at insurance for a new GTS250 or 300, is the anyone recommended, or more importantly, are there any insurers I should stay away from?

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Thanks everyone for the tips, am now on the road on GTS250ie, and went with RACV in the end. It's always a bit of a punt, will have top see what they're like come claim time (hopefully never).

Can't wait to hit the road tomorrow, see what it thinks of some hills!

Congrats on the new ride. Enjoy!

Updating this - just wondering if anyone has some suggestions other than Famous Insurance - watch for my forthcoming post as to why i will NEVER insure through them again

AAMI around $330

Suncorp around $420

Swann around $250

RACV around $240

Motoi around $220


I was with Famous during the special offer period but have gone to Shannons in order to get a sensible agreed value for a PX200. For a current model I'd likely be back with RACV.  

Hi everyone,

I forgot to renew my insurance, reason for missing the Italian Festival last Sunday. Serious bummer!

I was with Famous Ins. the last year. I have contacted RACV as my car is currently insured with them. Their premium would have been far more than Famous and half the cover... $4000 instead of $9000 for a 2016 GTS 300SS Low Km's and a very high excess. I thought I would go back to Famous, just to find that my insurance for the last year was completely useless, as they ONLY insure bikes stored in an INDIVIDUAL, LOCKED GARAGE with FOUR WALLS and NOT any other way. So my very secure, enclosed, private carport behind a locked garage door with no street view would have repudiated any claim I could have made.

Best I could get was SWANN at $377 per year, $8500 (agreed value) $500 excess.

The insurance is due for my 1998 PX200E. I was previously insured under the VCoM deal with Famous but switched last year as they were insisting on reducing the insured value to about $2,200 with a sizeable excess amount. I'm currently with Shannons and have an agreed value of $4,000, a basic excess of $500 and a theft excess of nil. The renewal is for $400 (10%) for club usage, i.e. not everyday use and a max travel of 9,000km pa. RACV quoted just under $500 on a similar basis. The RACV quote for Third Party (including fire and theft) is $79. I'm mulling over going naked/scantily clad.  

25yr old on a GTS250 market value $3100 (bit low) living in the city - RACV $580 fully comp with $500 excess. A bit dearer than Famous but they insist on it being garaged all the time.....

We can moan about the high cost but try it in Canada or the UK...........


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