I just installed some new adjustable brake levers on my 300GTS as I always hated that I had to roll my hand forward to get a to get more than one finger on the brakes (when I was squeezing I didn't need to roll my hand).  They're also about an ich longer which is great as I ride with my hand partially on the silver handlebar ends

Well worth the $35ish from aliexpress (very similar also on ebay).  took about 1&1/2 for me to install.

Highly recommeneded


(link to same looking but for a different scooter as I couldn't find a correct picture)

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Picture would be nice! We just installed a new rear brake line on my son's Gts250 - that was a fun job.....


I'd really like to replace the lines on both front and rear - they feel so mushy with rubber lines.  Braided or rubber?  if Braided any suggestions?

Are braided really that expensive Vespa?  Cheapskates.

PS although sections of the lines appear to be braided other sections appear to be rubber or at least have a rubber/plastic feeling outer layer?

PPS this is a 2009 GTS 300, not the newer with ABS brakes which maybe different


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