Looking to get a few lower rpm on highway travel. Anybody put a 100/90/10 tyre on the back (did it fit) and another option is to use 24 tooth clutch drive gear, to replace original 23 t one. I think there is a replacement available. Anyone tried these, or have any information?? Thanks for any info. Should add is for P200E 

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Hi Paul.

Many things are possible, but have you checked out the Scooterhelp Gear calculator?

You should be able to work out if want you want to do will give you the results you are after with that.



Thanks Rolf. There is a clutch drive gear available with 12 teeth rather than standard 13T which can be fitted without any alteration to primary drive gear. Going to order one and give it a go. Should make a bit more than 5% difference, lower rpm or higher kmh.

Malossi 24/63 primary upgear would be a choice 

Yes thanks John. That was the route i went, but with Pinasco part. Worked fine with marginal difference. There is now a slight gear whine on closed throttle over-run is only thing i noticed. Highway ride revs a bit lower, and uphill need to change down a bit earlier. Was it worth the effort ??? Yes if you ride in country areas, but if in city, not worth doin it. P


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