Hello, everyone.

My name is Jeong from South Korea. I migrated to Australia in June last year.

I own 2015 Vespa Sprint 150, 2016 Honda CBR 1000RR and 2016 Suzuki GSX-R 1000R.

My Vespa Srpint 150, its top speed is 115Km/h.

I participated in the Red Rocks Ride the day before yesterday.

About 15 riders enjoyed riding throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Moriac, birregurra and Colac.

After the ride, I was so exhausted. I think these guys are crazy and I wonder how they could ride such a long distance all day.

Hopefully, I can join another ride some time soon and I will properly prepare everything for the ride next time.

See you guys soon, cheers!

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Welcome to the club Jeong. Exhausted but happy we hope. We will have to toughen you up so you can join us for a long weekend ride one day, ha ha :-) Its nice to have that contrast between your beautiful Vespa Sprint and some powerful motorcycles. Best wishes, David

Hello, David. 

I didn't know there was a 'Reply' button. Sorry for the late reply.

I am ready to experience so many though things, and I definitely need your help:)

I am looking forward to riding with you, David. 

Thank you.

Yes welcome Jeong. It was good to have you along.

Yes I have to admit to a little craziness too. But it's all the others who make me do it. Sometimes you just have to ride.

Thank you for your warm welcome. I believe there are so many things that I should learn from you, especially long day trips. I am so excited to be a member of Vespa Club of Melbourne.

Thank you very much.

I think being a little crazy, or eccentric is a requirement! Good to meet you Jeong

Hi, Tufan. Yes, I agree with you. Thank you for the photo:)

Hi jeong,

Good to meet you on the ride, you may need some guidance on pizza selection next time :)



Hi Jeong

I am so glad to hear that you are keen to hang out with us "older ladies" who ride like crazy... see you on the next ride....


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