Hi Everyone,

New member here, my partner Deb and I look forward to meeting you all soon - we are new to Vespas

Does anyone know this bike? It has a Vespa Club sticker on it, we are looking at it tomorrow to potentially do a deal..


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H there.

Without commenting on the price, which is up to you.

We know the bike, and it is in excellent condition and is straight. It comes with accessories too, the Akropovic exhaust is worth $800 alone.

Enjoy your shopping.

Thanks Greg - we'll see how we go tomorrow..

Hi Jim, we have our regular Geelong breakfast this Sunday at the Edge 8.30 - 10.30

It's going to be a small one, but you are more than welcome to come along and meet some of us - Vespa not essential - you are already a member!

Hi Tufan,

Thanks so much for the invite - we actually live in Melbs and heading down to Geelong today to checkout the GTS. Look forward to catching up with you down the track?


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