My vespa randomly wont start. I put the key in and after the engine check lights on dash come on the red code light will blink once and stay on. The only thing I can hear is the fuel pump engaging (whirring sound) but engine wont turn on. All lights on dash and headlight and tail light are on fine. Brand new battery. Tried brown master key but same issue still. Have notice this possibly occurs after riding and stopping for a short time and turning off the engine. After several attempts it seems to start up fine again. Has anyone experienced something similar? Any thoughts on this?
Have video if anyone is interested. Would love some feedback. Thanks, Phil

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Hi Phil. Not sure if your model has a side stand switch that prevents you from starting with the stand down. If this switch along with the switches on your brakes levers are dirty or worn perhaps this could be a reason for the intermittent problem. If you are in the habit of starting the engine with one particular brake on, you could try holding the other in. I guess you need to be sure that your kill switch is fully disengaging too. Although you have a brand new battery, has your scooter been left in storage for some time or only been taken out on short rides? If a new battery goes flat, its hard to revive it. According to Bob, the club's humble guru on all things electrical, the Vespa needs a battery in very good condition to do its thing. The electronics go a bit flakey otherwise. We fixed our non-starting GTS250 (with lights working etc.) with an overnight battery charge. Good luck with your problem and if you find a fix please post it, David

Hi David, thanks for your advice on this. Have spent many sleepless nights googling and calling on any experts, with some suggestions of the fuel pump also. Most confidently I was advised of a faulty ECU which needs to be replaced at $1000. However, after more research, a workshop manual suggested to check the aerial wiring. Indeed, with nothing to lose, pulled apart the glove box panels and found the aerial that surrounds the barrel wasn’t clicked into its correct position, all the wiring seemed ok. This seems to explain the randomness of this issue. Checked code light with aerial removed and problem was recurring suggesting a possible failure due to the aerial component. Having put it all back together with aerial clicked into its correct position and headed out for lots of stop start test rides parking in full sun and for various periods of time. So far, fingers crossed, the issue has not recurred!
Maybe too many David dirt road rides made it fall out of position..LOL. Who would think that something so cryptic and potentially so costly could be potentially be resolved so simply?? ...

maybe the GTS Fuel Pump Recal? 


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