What to do when stuck at home? I know, I said to myself, I’ll order some parts online from GPS Imports. 

On our trip to Umina a few weeks ago, my clutch cable broke just as I completed a turn onto the busy Olympic Way outside Wagga Wagga. I was stuck to top gear but when I found a safe place to pull over, I turned off the ignition and rolled to a stop.

Replacing broken cables on a classic Vespa is no big deal. Although you could change your cables regularly every few years, this method of fixing things as you go along I call “roadside maintenance”. This particular cable was replaced 6 years ago. 

The photo below has been edited to exclude my big tummy, which also needs fixing. (Nah, I decided to do a photoshop tummy suck instead). We were on our way again in about twenty minutes but it wasn’t until some time later that we noticed one of the rubber boots from the centre stand was missing. I remember seeing the stand buried partly in the earth at the repair site where no doubt it stayed. 

I placed an order with GPS Imports at 6.45pm last Tuesday, got a message from Brenton on the same evening saying my order had been received. Australia Post informed me on Wednesday that the parcel was on its way. Another message on Thursday said it will be arriving today. Four hours later Australia Post sent a message to say that it has been delivered. 

I duly went to the postbox making sure that no part of my body ventured beyond the front gate (as I’m over 70) and there it was. A humble little order consisting of two clutch cables, 4 rubber boots for the centre stand and some hard-to-find light globes, but what great service from club sponsor, GPS Imports and Australia Post.

Now, what else can I do at home to get ready to ride once we see the chequered flag again?

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Nice photo shop David...lol... and what a great service that was from GPS Imports.

Great minds, (and all that), after serious cleaning, polishing and general maintenance I decided to stock up on globes for the GTS, discovering the types necessary, I placed an order, received yesterday, Good old GPS.

Hi Les, I rang you today just to check that you were still alive. No answer. I'm thrilled to know that you are. Us old blokes aren't supposed to go outside anymore. Hey, next time Julie takes a photo of me, can I borrow your flat tummy? Back to my cotton wool cocoon, David

No problem David, if I can still produce one after this enforced isolation ,,,

That's good to know David. I was just about to check out their website as I need a few parts for what I now call "my CovidPX"  project. (will post some pics and info) 

I've found a good supplier in the UK with an extensive range but the shipping is the same cost as the parts.

What about SIP? Any experience with them?

Hi Kev, SIP has a vast range. It is not only efficient in terms of pack and despatch but I've found the postal rates very reasonable. I've always gone for the cheapest option which is FedEx economy. Its trackable and the parcel arrives within 5-7 days. Never had a lost order. Once I had a damaged part replaced at no cost and didn't have to return it. Shipping costs go through the roof if you order bulky parts. Legshield trim or crashbars for a classic scooter for example. You pay for empty space. I first started buying parts from the USA but since then shipping prices have become prohibitive. I've also found that I get responses to questions from SIP, Japanese and various USA suppliers but UK businesses never bother to reply. If you need something in a hurry then GPS will get it to you the fastest if its in stock. Navigating their website is interesting however. Sometimes you can get New Old Stock parts from Carter's Classic Scooters in SA. But I think they have recently shut up shop. Let other club members know what you are doing with your "lockdown" project as its nice to share stories and we have many passionate classic owners in the club. I'm sure there are many projects out there in the 'chrysalis' stage that will emerge as beautiful butterflies post isolation, David

Just received another order from GPS, for my daughters' rig, ordered on Monday. 


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