Grampians National Scooter Rally: 29-31 Mar 2019. The Club accom is full

 The Club has now booked out the whole Grampians View Cottages. We can now accommodate 38 members comfortably - two per room either double or twin share.

All rooms have an adjoining kitchen and lounge, and there is a heated pool too.

These requests are confirmed, which means the club booked accom is booked out.

We will let you know about alternatives soon. You can still come to rally! 

Greg Pond / Julie Pond

Noel Wilson / Jo Wilson

David Atkinson / Imam Wahyudi

Stephen Coop / Sally Coop

Belinda Dalli / Brett Lazarides

Allan Snashall / Manuela Ferstyl

Bob Reid / Lynette Reid

Mark Brumby / Chris Brumby

John Keddie / Sue Guzick

Trevor Tang / Amy Tang

Kim Slater / Amanda Wright

Daniel Barden / Stefan Kisser

Vic Muller / Liely Faulkner

Jo Leslie / Raewyn Mackie

Sonia Bartolini / Noelene Rhode

Jeff Peck / Darren Graham

Leonie Bowers Taylor / James Avery                          (38)

Leo Wings / Anthony Bottegal

Matylda Jaworski / Phil Failla

If you are on the list and have changed your mind, please let us know quickly.

This is a big outlay for the club so at some stage we will be asking you to pay upfront prior to the event. The price will be subsidized by the club to at most $50 pp per night.

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Hi Greg. Can you please book a twin share for Anthony Bottegal and myself thank you. Leo. 

Done Leo

Awesome, thank you :)

Are there any spots left for Phil and me?? If so, pls put us down for a double. Cheers!! It just so happens Phil is off the three days. It feels like fate lol

You're in Matylda and Phil, looking forward to you joining us again....:)

Awesome, thank you!

Hi Greg, hopefully I can get a bed?

Sure James. We've allocated you a pump up lilo in the garage.

Aww only kidding. Have set you up with a bed.

Only one place left folks. It must be a member.

Hi members

Once this club accom is finalized we will be publishing other recommended places to stay.

It looks like about 60+ of our members will be attending.

Watch this page for future club organization around this event.

i'll take it if it's still available.


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