Anybody use GPS Imports in the past for parts?


Everytime I phone up the person answering for spares is uninterested and unhelpful, anybody else have that experience here?


I walked into the new store once and the guy on the floor was great.

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Yes I have Tony.... they are good. Even Frank uses them when he runs out of stock. And I am thinking of buying some bling though them rather than online. They are very much one of our potential corporate sponsors, or at least a discounter. Go for it.

That's just how the guy answering the phone is, don't take it personally, they are still helpful and knowlegable, I email them most of the time and usually get back in 24 hrs, so if its not urgent that's OK and even out here in sunny Bairnsdale, not today though, the package will show up in a day or so.

If they don't have what you want in stock, you'll wait just as long for it to be shipped from O/S as you would if you ordered it yourself, unless they wait for a few orders to trickle in and bulk order, then it's longer....I'm happy overall with my experiences.

Hi Tony

if you send your email to Brenton who owns the business,he has always relied to my emails and at least you will get some feedback...he is normally pretty good.

cheers Mike


PS GPS in a sponsor already to the Melbourne Crusaders 


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