The first instalment in the GOOGLE WORLD WIDE SPOT-THE-VINTAGE-VESPA on Google Maps Activity For The Tragically Vespa-ed.  (or GWWSTVVoGMAFTTV )

(or VoG for short)

Inspired by randomly finding a nice old vespa parked in a picturesque location somewhere in the world —found on Google Maps (Street View). I thought this a marvellous waste of time for everyone to enjoy...

Search #1:   1 place Saint-Pierre, Vannes, Brittany FRANCE.

Additionally— scrolling back to 2013 and 2014 will reveal an entirely different Vespa parked in exactly the same place—which magically disappears and reappears as you move along the street.

What can you find?

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Aay…Your it right jammy git!

And the final prize winner? Is there a photo showing the other side of the Vespa, or is it just hollow like a movie set? That finish is impressive though, talk about bling in your sting!

And the Lambretta just in the other window too, wisely bracket bolted to the floor!

I will have to download google earth, this looks like so much fun... :)

No need for google earth Julie. Just use google maps and drag the little yellow man to the street you want to take a look at.

Ok Vespstisluths,

Before David can show us all up again…I've revisited one of David's old haunts. There are hints in the image—but importantly, when you fine d this bike, click toward it on Streetview and it magically changes int another Vintage Vespa—THEN if you rotate 180 degrees—and you'll find yet another Vespa. 

There are also a lot of tourists. In this instance approach the town from the west and come through the amazing tunnel street—also packed with scooters.

…I think I really need to get out on a ride soon!

Hmmm trying to find this little purple beast but only fine a cream PX... so far... its driving me crazy...LOL

Trick is to approach from the other end of the street That's to the right in this picture,. Back track a bit that way and approach again and you'll see the purple one parked ther instead..

Just to add to the sheer fin. if you head up out of town a bit (left) for maybe 1 K and then quickly swing the view around, you'll see the purple scooter and elderly rider approaching Amalfi. 

Seriously do you have that much time on your hands?


Initially I thought you left too many clues with that distinctive pier on the little map, but gee, you are very tricky and I give up. I've followed the modern white auto Vespa through the tunnel and arches to the round-about. I've wandered all over the place like a man who has drunk too much vino. You can get stuck into a 360 degree view with a purple scooter off in the distance parked in the right place but that view is on a dull day and yours is on a sunny day. We've even tried past street views to see if it pops up there. Maybe your purple Vespa only appears up on your particular browser when configured with your quirky arrangement of hardware. I guess you never meant for it to be easy. Sigh, we'll just have to keep trying but I warn you, lockdown is fast being relaxed and the real world is calling again.

Ok Now I revisited, it appears to require a bit of time travel too!

I didn't notice at the time. The trick is to click on Streetview Aug 2019…BUT youve got to view it from across the street where Ricky's Shop is. Once you have a silver Mercedes van facing you, just swing to the right toward the water!

Works on Google Chrome and on Firefox. 

So now i've inadvertently added another dimension to the game.

Perhaps I should change it to How-many-vintage-Vespas-can-you-find-parked-in-the-same-place-over-time-on-Google-maps


Sorry Julie/David for the unintentional red herring.

If its any consolation, I now can't find the purple Vespa further up the road as I described earlier!

OK I'll find an easier one...


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