The first instalment in the GOOGLE WORLD WIDE SPOT-THE-VINTAGE-VESPA on Google Maps Activity For The Tragically Vespa-ed.  (or GWWSTVVoGMAFTTV )

(or VoG for short)

Inspired by randomly finding a nice old vespa parked in a picturesque location somewhere in the world —found on Google Maps (Street View). I thought this a marvellous waste of time for everyone to enjoy...

Search #1:   1 place Saint-Pierre, Vannes, Brittany FRANCE.

Additionally— scrolling back to 2013 and 2014 will reveal an entirely different Vespa parked in exactly the same place—which magically disappears and reappears as you move along the street.

What can you find?

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Well Anthony, I got on board this marvellous VoG game as soon as you posted it. I found your Vespa in Brittany then went searching for others. I headed off to Italy as I've heard there might be Vespas in that country (sounds like a bit of a cheat actually). I went for a lovely virtual ride along the coast down Amalfi Drive. So thanks for that Anthony as I doubt I'll ever get the chance to do it in real life. I now have a folder full of old Vespas taken by the street view camera car. Anyway, sorry for my late response. I can't understand why this little distraction didn't take off. Come on everybody, get on board, it's fun. Here is what I found. I challenge others to find a classic Vespa in the town of Amalfi with another scooter fallen on its side in the background. David

Anthony's Vespa in Britanny:

A couple of Vespas along the Amalfi coast.

A perfect evening pastime!

Do I get double points for an Ape and Vespa?

Via Antonio Gramsci

Sestri Levante, Liguria

Probably Tufan but we'll have to wait for Anthony to adjudicate

Ok! extra points for the Ape… Not sure that the best picture of Italy... Hovever there's a PX further up around the corner, at 239 Via Aurelia, Sestri Levante, Liguria.


ok, I didn't read "picturesque" but will now try harder

This is an attempt to try and revive Ants's VoG game. I have selected this very 'picturesque' location somewhere in France. I'll tell you later where it is for those interested. You'll have to look hard to spot the red PX within this scene. Gosh it's hard to find a Vespa scooter in Europe on StreetView. Everyone seems to have an asian built scooter. Hmm, there must be more Vespas in Melbourne than on the continent!

It looks like Hanoi David. Now this a great game !

Hello Vespaspotters! (not — Spotty Vespisti)

After a long Hiatus a COVID related return to the (GWWSTVVoGMAFTTV) activity.

(David, I know you will be excited!)

A somewhat recent image (October…how time flies) that appeared on the front page of the Guardian (UK) that I couldn't resist 'screenshoting'.


So your COVID restricted Vespa related challenge is to find the location of this Vespa in the  window!

HINT: It's in a cafe somewhere in the UK…(it's only a small island and there are hints in the background of the photo)

(ALSO any validation on its model/year. (I'm assuming it a PX50 judging by the exhaust on the LHS)


Are you sure that's a Vespa or is it a trendy copper still in some up market bar?

Its in Manchester…Ehh 'an them blokes is right serious 'bout 'em Vespa's there lad!

Now't trendy 'bout it! (translation not provided)

Aee yup lad. Here ya go guv. 72 Tib Street Manchester. Used to go there frequently. Just up the road from the coal mines I used to work in at the age of two. Never saw the sun but there was always time for a pint.


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