Hi Friends, 

Our last ride ? It was by night & day, from Paris to Nice. 1000 Kms, 24 hours. 

Here our link : 


And thanks to Bob, it was an happy surprise to see you on the french riviera! 

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Enjoyed meeting you Spock, very impressed with how fresh you looked after finishing the previous night after midnight then starting again around 5 am. I'm sure you didn't feel fresh.

Bonjour Spock

Another epic scooter run for you all, and so glad you got to catch up with Bob.


I hope you and Lynette are having a wonderful time in France also.

Cheers Julie

Thank you again for sharing your video clips and Bob will be thrilled with this one :)

Back in Melbourne and now consider myself famous for appearing in a Spock Production!

Some pictures of the Spock and other Tontons at the end of the ride.

Sorry about the extra the above that shouldn't be there, just noticed it and too late to edit.

Good on you Bob, and welcome home.

How wonderful that you caught up with friends on the other side of the world. I hope you and Lynette thoroughly enjoyed this experience of being a French local for a couple of months. Can’t wait to catch up Bob.


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