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Good news definitely James.

Please read the whole report but here is an excerpt.

Project overview
Motorcycles were permitted to use Hoddle Street bus lane (southbound), between Eastern
Freeway and Victoria Parade on a permanent basis in June 2019. We have been trialling
this arrangement on Hoddle Street for the past 8 years.
We’ll be expanding the trial to include sections of Victoria Parade and the Eastern Freeway
from Wednesday, 24 July 2019.
The new trial sites commencing on 24 July 2019 are:
• emergency lane and bus lane along the Eastern Freeway (citybound side of the
freeway) between the Chandler Highway; and
• Hoddle Street bus lane on Victoria Parade (citybound) between Hoddle Street and Nicholson Street
• Hoddle Street and Victoria Parade intersection
The eastbound bus lane on Victoria Parade will be included in the trial and announced soon.
This will enable motorcyclists to use the bus lane uninterrupted along sections of Victoria
Parade, Hoddle Street and the Eastern Freeway.


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