The starter motor on my ET4 doesn't always connect, it just gives a whirring sound and doesn't always turn the engine over.May be a worn pinion? Is there anyone in Melbourne that repairs these or do I take it to any auto electrician to get looked at. I can get a new one from GPS.

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Hi Rob, It's a nice clean scooter and I hope the problem is easily solved.

Definitely not the battery Bob, it's 100% charged, I have an electronic maintenance charger attached when it's not in use, it trickle charges then shuts off...handy over winter. 

Robert, you are probably right but it is still possible for a battery to behave as you say and still be faulty and unable to handle a load. My GTS250 battery when it died was on a smart charger and charged 100% but did exactly what your scooter is doing. I admit that Rolf's diagnosis is more likely to be correct but the jump start will eliminate the possibility of the battery being the culprit. 


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