The starter motor on my ET4 doesn't always connect, it just gives a whirring sound and doesn't always turn the engine over.May be a worn pinion? Is there anyone in Melbourne that repairs these or do I take it to any auto electrician to get looked at. I can get a new one from GPS.

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Could it be the starter relay?

Your description sounds like the starter pinion. If the starter motor spins and the engine doesn’t, the pinion sounds like the culprit.

Is your battery ok Robert?

Yes Bob its only fairly new and always cranks over when and if the starter engages....

Yes Rolf that's what I think....had the same situation in a Triumph GT6 I owned.

Could it be the starter relay?

Robert as well as the battery condition I should have mentioned making sure the battery terminals are clean and tight, any slight resistance there can cause what I think you are describing.  If they are ok then you are into the other more serious issues being suggested. 

Hi Bob, the engine and all running gear on my ET4 is scrupulously clean! Including battery terminals, I use an antioxidant spray on them and all my switches.I have read the relay for the starter can give problems too but I have no idea how to test, maybe auto relays are almost unobtainable except on eBay...$99 for a new starter from GPS.

Hi Robert,

The relay contacts could have high resistance.

I'm not sure of it's location on the ET4 but I have the manual so out of curiosity  will see what I can find out. If that's not the problem then Rolf's suggestion is the most likely answer.

Robert I can't find any useful information in the manual about starter relay maintenance so you probably should follow Rolf's idea as being the most likely problem.

I am still not 100% convinced about your battery and you can confirm it by jump starting the scooter from a car battery and see if the problem still exists.

Okay thanks Bob, appreciate the help. I'm sure it's the pinion, I had the same problem in a Triumph was the pinion and spring, the spring was weak from age too. I think I'll go ahead and buy a new starter motor,then get the old one looked at so the ET4 isn't off the road too long.


Hi Bob, one thing I didn't mention in my original post was that the problem is only when the ET4 has been standing for a day or more, never when it is warm or in use. I might get the battery voltage checked also to rule it out. 


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