Hi everyone, I may asking a bit much, but does anyone have an automatic choke for a 125 pre leader Vespa, I think it fits 125 LX also. Thanks in advance if anybody does.

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Can I suggest you contact Roberto the Vespa Wizard, Robert, he might be able to help out...or Vespa House perhaps... Unless of course someone else can help out...

Cheers Julie

Hi Julie, Neither Roberto or Vespa House can supply one, they cost nearly $200 according to Frank Tonon. I have managed to find one at SIP Scooter Parts in Germany, $58 plus $28 postage!! Ordered it tonight, should be here in a week.

Well positive results! eChoke arrived by mail form SIP Germany. I was anxious as to wether this was actually my problem. Took the new choke to Vespa House, left it and scooter with Frank. Ge called about an hour after I arrived home by Train! I asked him to keep it overnight and try to start it in the morning. Bingo! Started first try!. No more hard starts with flat battery! A big thank you to frank and Vespa House! 


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