I'm posting this recommendation following a question from David Atkinson.

—But for all you customisers and hard-to-find parts folk, this machine shop is a great resource.

I can recommend them for small engineering jobs, a reasonable cost and turnaround—conveniently (for me) located in Richmond.

I have used this machinist to produce bespoke parts for my classic Ducati race bike. 

While I have provided formal tech drawings for my parts—I'm sure they will have no problem matching and item, or making-to-fit. The items I have required to be made machined to perfect specifications and finely finished. 

If you need a small (or large) bespoke job I can recommend:

I & S  Jobbing, 30 Crown Street Richmond    tel. 9428 9984

Talk to Ian.

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Always great to have this kind of information and recommendation Anthony...thank you

Thanks Anthony. Much appreciated. I need one of these...


I bought these NEW from Italy
and I want to get a copy for my parts horde in the future

Italian vespa 98 and VIT 1949 gear shift rods - Yup no grey gear cables here!

Hi Anthony, thanks for this recommendation. Just picked up my little job today - a new bush to hold the layshaft in place. Couldn't source this part anywhere. A bit rough but a snug fit and now I can finally put my motor back together. After 5 months Ferguson can ride once more, yay. By the way, that telephone number should read 9428 9948.

Well done David, and it will be great to see Fergie back on the road soon.  :)

David, super glad they could help you. I agree the finish looks a bit unpolished. That surprises me, as the work is usually very neat....

And apologies for my lisdexia with the nomephumber.


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