I have a PX 200.

I have not been able to start electrically for a while. the battery has been quite muted for a while as well. So i take it my battery has either gone or wasnt getting charged.

Ordered a new battery.

However now the lights have started to work when they want. Head light glows very dim, but all of a sudden will very temp be ok 2 secs etc. Same with Fuel gauge and Same with indicators.

I removed the battery a while ago and everything had been ok until this weekend. But the old non working battery back on and still the same issues with the electrics.

I know the horn and start get the current from the battery, and the other things from the scooter.

What do you think is wrong.

Cant see any dodgy connections or frayed wires. 

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I could be way off the mark here but I remember seeing a potential electrical problem area on the Px.

It is the spring loaded contacts that are connected when the engine cowl is in place. I think it is a 12 volt line.

Someone with a Px could confirm this. If I'm correct it would be well worth checking them.



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