After my crash i'm thinking about an older Vespa for the daily commute (very short distance). Something won't break the bank.. light and a classic... open to suggestions 

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I am not sure what your after but a PX is nice ride you still have to change gears but has 10inch wheels so its easy on the road and won't break the bank...


Tufan, maybe not strictly (yet) 'classic' but my ET4 is certainly light, easy and affordable..JohnF

Thanks John, but not what i had in mind. Cheers

I'll probably be selling my '61 VNB in October, assuming is survives the Australian Classic scooter Mille late September in Byron Bay. (1000Km in two days)

Fully rebuilt, 8 inch wheels and will cruise at 80km/h. Original paint. If you drop it, you won't notice!

This scooter even won the Vic Motoretta Giro this year. (Pretty much by just staying upright and finishing)

Let me know if you're interested.

Here's a photo


Oh Rolf, if I had have only held off, I could have bought your old girl...:)  hey what am i saying Old girl, she is the same age as me...LOL...

Let's keep in touch....


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