Ride description received from David as he has sent the photos in one by one via email of his first 3 days heading up to Byron Bay via some very interesting back roads.

Day One

Off to Bryon Bay the long scenic route. About 2k up, then 1,000 across the 2-day Classic Scooter Mille, then 2k return. 14 days in the saddle. Will Ferguson make it? Will my old body make it? Stay tuned, David


The green hills around Taggerty. A bright sunny day but with a real nip in the air.


We arrived in Euroa around 12.30. A quick lunch then off towards Seymour but not before photo of a once grand old lady, the North Western Hotel on the outskirts of the town.


A little bridge over an irrigation channel at Katamatite.


Spring has sprung in the orchards around Cobram.


Got to our destination, Berrigan, 45 kms over the NSW border, at 4.30pm. I was handed the keys of our publican’s car so that I could shift it to get our scooters into the beer garden for the night. Ah, the Royal Hotel. $55 for two and we have a Picasso painting in our room too. It was so impressive that I decided to photograph the Federal Hotel.


DAY 2 

Canola fields outside Berrigan. 350-km ride behind us and now a 360-km ride ahead of us today. Perfect morning weather again.


The Royal George Hotel in Urana.


Soldiers Memorial Hall in Urana. What’s a grand building like this doing in the middle of nowhere?


The lovely wide verandas and footpaths of the historic town of Lockhart. Bill Peach hailed for here. Bill who? You know, the presenter of ABC’s This Day Tonight. This little town has wonderful civic pride.


The imposing and magnificent Bethugra Hotel sitting lonely all by itself on the roadway. Made from solid stone.


Our digs for the night. The Ram and Stallion Hotel in Boorowa. A pub with balls. Tomorrow we’re off to Hill End.


Day 3 

On Frogmore Road north of Boorowa. A four degree morning with some high cloud. A scenic ride ahead.


Look! David found himself an old bridge.


A back road on the way to Woodstock. Although the entire state of NSW was been declared in drought, it looks greener than Victoria.


Springtime in Woodstock.


Main Street historic Carora.


Springtime in historic Millthorpe. While I look at and photograph old buildings, brother John just rides around these towns in circles waiting for me to finish. Too much historic perhaps.


Another bridge near Turondale along the back way to Hill End.


Our destination, Hill End. This gold mining town is kind of like a NSW version of our Walhalla except that it’s on a hill instead of in a valley. Tame kangaroos abound throughout the township.


Miners cottage, Hill End.


A view from our pub’s veranda, the Royal Hotel A’s day draws nigh. We could have and should have arrived earlier. Faffing around too much in places we haven’t been to before I guess.


The end of a happy day of riding and a glorious sunset. A roaring fire inside the pub. I walked outside into the cold crisp night air and a kangaroo bounding down the Main Street in the dark.

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We got to Byron Bay at around 3.30pm. Two silly old farts on scooters.

Congratulations, what a splendid route you took.  Someone following the photos we have posted on facebook wants you to plot your route...LOL...  Hope you get to have a wee rest before the Mille starts...  Sleep well..  Cheers Julie

David's mud map. Somehow this scribble helped Mike and I win a packet of biscuits at the Classic Scooter Mille 1000-km navigation and reliability trial. 

I think there should have been a prize for mud maps David and yours would have won by far...maybe a cup of tea as the prize to go with your biscuits...!!

Welll done ! xx

Congratulations to all. This has been a lot of fun to read and view. Thanks for sharing "TSOFOS" ;)


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