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Yes it's the 125cc stock from Peter Stevens.


mmm you won't catch me there.........

Not sure I'm comfortable about Vespa (Piaggio) and gambling (Crown) being promoted together - it's the free market at work I suppose and if it promotes more people to get on a Vespa then that's good.

Hello Members.  from my point of view I wanted to let you know that Crown ran a similar promotional campaign for a month last year and gave away many vespas.  I happened to pass by one evening and fell in love with the red Vespa.  I did not win one thru the usual process but I decided to track down a little old lady my age (68yo) who did win and left it parked on her lounge room floor in watergardens.  I bought it direct from her and have become a genuinely keen vespa owner and regular rider.

I have been travelling around europe for the last 6 months and will return to Melb early December 2019 and plan to attend the xmas lunch as well as the Round the Bay.  I stop and look at every Vespa I pass during this European trip.  Best wishes to you all.  Ahmet Ali (currently in Turkey)


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