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The Club has 4 dozen bottles of Wimmera Special wine left over from our Christmas party, and we want to clear them before the end of financial year, and Greg keeps tripping over the boxes in his study too. We will sell them for exactly what the club paid for them, and your payment will go back into Club funds for this year's Christmas budget. You have to able to arrange pick up from West Brunswick.

$120 for a dozen, or $60 half dozen

Available as at 13/03/2019

3 Doz Sauvignon Blanc. 2018 SEAustralia

1/2 Doz Shiraz. 2016 Coonawarra

There was very positive feedback about this wine. 

It's first in, best drinking.

How to buy:

In a comment box below place your order, and the time and date you will pick up from 23 Everett St, West Brunswick, cash on pick up.

It's for financial members only.

Once we confirm your order and pick up time, come and get it!

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Hi Julie, if still available can I have 6 bottles of the red? Noel can get it from the breakfast on Sunday.Yes he’s riding down again! Jo x

Hi Jo

The wine will need to be picked up from our house as Greg won't be able to fit these in his vespa and I am not coming to the breakfast sorry.

Of course we will hang on to them for you for a more suitable time to pick them up if that is OK.

Cheers Julie


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