Hello all. Has anybody done a carb upgrade using the si 26-26e from GPS imports? Considering making the swap on a P200E from standard si 24-24. There are some carbs around sold as 26mm but are in fact 24mm. The GPS one is stated as direct fit/swap. Any ideas?? Thanks for any info available.

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I have a 26.26g which is a good upgrade if you are running a performance barrel and exhaust. 

If you do go to the 26mm, the inlet into the crankcase should be opened up to match the larger opening of the carburetor. This involves splitting the cases to do it properly.

No point having a 26mm carburetor on a hole designed for 24mm.

And yes, some of the "26mm" carbs measure under 25mm

Thank you Rolf. I have put on a pinasco 24t clutch drive which does drop a few rpm at highway speed, and of course on the hills it lacks a bit so thought 26mm carb might help. Yes I figured the opening would have to be ported out a bit. I don't have any performance exhaust or barrel unfortunately. Did you run the carb with stock exhaust? And was the carb you got from GPS? I had a spaco carb one time and the choke connector is different on P200e/PX I think I made it work, but wasn't perfect. Did you have to modify (if u have p200e)

I was running the 26.26g on a ported Malossi 166 with a tuned pipe. 

I think your next step should be to put something like a SIP road exhaust on. This will give more performance improvement than a bigger carburetor on your setup. 

Note that you will need to increase the main jet size with a performance exhaust

Yep sounds like a good plan. Thanks Rolf.


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