Well brother John and I made it. Got back yesterday at 3.30pm. Our journey took us along beautiful back roads past magnificent scenery that varied from the flat dry plains of central NSW to riding tight corners through dark tropical rain forest in the far northern part of the state. What did I learn? Thought I was indestructible but no. After fifteen days of non-stop riding I discovered that this old body does have limits. Bottom was okay, just focus on something else, sore neck a problem but manageable, by the last day however, I could barely twist my throttle hand. For big trips in the future it will be five days riding, one or two days off. Riding day after day you also forget how to use your land legs and stagger off your scooter like a drunk sailor.

I have each leg of our journey charted as a g00gle map which I’ll post soon. Perhaps a story will appear one day too. In the meantime here are a few more pictures of those fabulous roads in our wonderful country. David

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Welcome home David and John .


What a fantastic adventure. Well done ! ...

I hope you find your land legs and twisty wrists are not too sore.

i am keen to follow your route some time soon, well, in the next 12 months up to Byron and beyond to the GCoast.

I know a good Osteopath up there which will come in handy by the sounds of it

Looking forward to catching up xx

It's been a journey shared - thanks David. Very enjoyable...

Welcome home David, John, and your steady steads...  what an epic journey you both have had, can't wait to see the maps also....  hope your body is back in tip top shape for the Art Silo ride, but with respect, this will just be a short little cruise for you....:)  Looking forward to hearing more about this adventure...XX

Welcome back intrepid travellers! 


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