Hey I need help!!!

Checked my oil  (with my brother) on Saturday in preparation for the Sunday Ride.

All good. Went on the ride no problems. Had an absolute blast. (Thanks Greg and Julie for a great day). I have had my bike for 18 months and it has now done 2000km (Yahoo). Took it into Peter Stevens Geelong for a usual timely service. At 3.00pm they rung me to ask when I checked the oil last. Told them on the Saturday. They informed me that the dip stick was broken!!!! and they thought the end was in the engine somewhere.

They now have to remove the casing and replace....the gasket?????

What are your expert thoughts Vespa club friends. They are ordering a new dip stick and so I will not be able to collect my Vespa till Tuesday. Beside the fact I am never taking it back to Peter Stevens Geelong for a service (will go to Melbourne), I still have to collect it next Tuesday.

Can I have some opinions on whether I should pay extra to have this fixed???? Yes it is under warranty as I purchased it from Peter Stevens Geelong. AAGGGGHHH....


Kelly J Smith.

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Greg, I am so glad ...they have been great...sorry the other person I know did not have a great experience there. But she should have bought a Vespa!

Sounds like a good outcome Kelly.

Great outcome Kelly, got a bit worried when I read your thread...:)  Definitely get one like ours, it is much easier to open... and the rule of thumb I have been told is:

Lefty loosy, Righty tighty that's how you remember which was to turn it...LOL....  

Cheers Julie


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