Hey I need help!!!

Checked my oil  (with my brother) on Saturday in preparation for the Sunday Ride.

All good. Went on the ride no problems. Had an absolute blast. (Thanks Greg and Julie for a great day). I have had my bike for 18 months and it has now done 2000km (Yahoo). Took it into Peter Stevens Geelong for a usual timely service. At 3.00pm they rung me to ask when I checked the oil last. Told them on the Saturday. They informed me that the dip stick was broken!!!! and they thought the end was in the engine somewhere.

They now have to remove the casing and replace....the gasket?????

What are your expert thoughts Vespa club friends. They are ordering a new dip stick and so I will not be able to collect my Vespa till Tuesday. Beside the fact I am never taking it back to Peter Stevens Geelong for a service (will go to Melbourne), I still have to collect it next Tuesday.

Can I have some opinions on whether I should pay extra to have this fixed???? Yes it is under warranty as I purchased it from Peter Stevens Geelong. AAGGGGHHH....


Kelly J Smith.

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Hi Kelly,

Have you asked them if it will be covered by warranty? That's probably your first port of call.  

As a mechanic, I wouldn't want to ride my Vespa if there was potentially a piece of metal floating around in the engine, so it sounds like they are trying to do the right thing.

I think you should argue that it is a warranty cost, rather than having to pay out. But the stick has to come out of the engine. So it sounds like Peter Stevens is doing the right thing.

The dipsticks on the new models are pretty el cheapo, with the plastic cap. And they are incredibly hard to twist open. I am sure they break all the time.

Anyway, once you have your scooter back I would recommend replacing it again with one of these from http://www.jettin.com/

They are expensive, but all metal, and with better no hassle finger grip. http://www.jettin.com/dipsticks.html The longer one is for the sump.

(Peter Stevens is only allowed to supply official Vespa parts - so they won't supply this item)

Thanks Greg...will be in touch with them today to see what is happening. Kelly

Hi Kelly, I would be the last person to ask for technical advice on these matters, however did they say they would have to charge you for this? if not, no problem! Just hope no further damage is done! Also, I would have thought that this being an integral procedure in the owners maintenance manual to check your oil level on a regular basis, one would expect that the dipstick would been made to a certain standard so as not to just break off inside your engine! If this has been the case, I would certainly not have to expect to pay for any repairs in this regard and would also be asking for evidence that if it did break off inside the engine, did it cause further damage? If so what and how was the damage addressed? A crappy quality dipstick wouldn't cut the mustard at the "Office of Fair Trading"! Cheers, Deg.

Do we know who broke the dipstick?

That is the question I am asking myself, who broke the stick. When I checked it on Saturday it was fine, intact and sturdy.... If I rode around all sunday with the end floating around the engine I thought problems would have occurred. But no issues. I would hate to think that they were rough with my gal when servicing her. Have not heard great things about Peter Stevens service department.....

Hi Kelly

Like the other comments ask if its covered under warranty this should not be to your cost,if the case is opened and by the sounds of it ,it has to be, to retrieve the broken section of the dip stick a new gasket will be required.I removed my dipstick and replaced it with a oil temperature gauge, which is another replacement option.Cheers Mike

Wow.... where did you get that Mike? I want one...

Hi Greg

purchased thru SIP scootershop Germany..I Luv it, just an added extra piece and point of difference....and replaces that plastic dipstick. Mike

That looks so good. I am not a great fan of the plastic dip stick now at all!!!

Thanks everyone for your comments. Just had a call from Peter Stevens. They found the piece floating in the engine and removed it. No damage to the my Vespa...phew... and....all covered under warranty YAHOO>I can pick up my baby tomorrow...I hope....Kelly.

Good on you Peter Stevens Motor Cycles


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