Priscilla Queen of the Desert (or is that dessert?) is about to embark on her biggest ride yet. The 50+ year old scooter is off to Brisbane and the Gold Coast on Friday to attend a couple of scooter rallies. 2,000kms up over 5 lazy days, then another 1,000-kms over 2 more hectic days on a navigation-reliablity trial for old classic scooters. She'll be meeting other Vespa Club members up there, some of whom will be riding up too. Priscilla never likes the direct route home so she’ll probably do another 2,500 kms wandering around like a drunken snail on the way back to Melbourne. Wish her luck on this grand adventure.

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Wishing you all the very best David and Priscilla... enjoy the scenic route and keep safe.  Can't wait to hear of your adventure and see your glorious pics making us all envious of this trip....  Cheers Julie

Have fun David - ride safe

Wow! Terrific stuff. All the best David and safe trip

Well said David...Safe travels and I'll see you in Tambourine... I'm taking the easy way up... Scooter is being trucked up as we speak... And then of course the Rally... :)

Happy riding to the both of you...


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