Can't resist this…

Greg striking an heroic pose at the last Vespa Breakfast. 

I'm looking for a best caption for this image.

PRIZE: A free breakfast (of moderate scale please) at Dr Morse to the winner, You'll need to claim your prize on the day!

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Lambretta parking is way over there. 

“Hey Dee Princi, when you’ve got my carb back together again, can you promise me that Marco will get me across to the other side of the road?”

Nah mate, this is our Vespa Club catch-up; the Nosecar Racing Team is meeting over there.

"I'm a Vespa teapot short and stout, this is my handle and this is my spout."

Jesus David!

We don't want any grounds for litigation here!

Sorry Anthony, would that be from Greg or the copyright holders of that ditty?

There's me fixing my scooter and Usain Bolt wanders over...

Yep, I saw what happened! The carby spring came loose, boinged off your glasses, and then bounced down the road thataway.

"I remember when all of this was just trees!"

Just a couple more days to come up with the winning caption... Who is going to be the lucky one to get a free breakfast compliments of Anthony...:) 

Apologies to all for this weekend.

I won't be able to make it to the Dr Morse breakfast on Sunday as I'm unwell.

I'll hold over the 'Best Caption Prize' until next Vespa Breakfast.

I'll be asking Greg to judge the winner!


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