Hi, we’re looking at hiring Vespas next year to ride around Sardinia. Has anyone been and got some tips?

where to hire, where to go etc.

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Yes, I have rented a Vespa in the town of Olbia in Sardinia and had a great time.  The contact is Maura at:

Bike Rent & Tours in Sardinia
Tel:(+39) 392 0340007

My overall experience was extremely positive; the bike was great, and there are many beautiful roads to explore.

You probably know this already, but just in case -- in order to rent a bike of 150cc or more, you will need an International Driving License endorsed for motorcycles.  You can get this from RACV or other providers.

Best regards

Michael Vitale

Hi Michael,

Thanks heaps for getting back: Will you be at St Charly this Sunday morning?




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