Vespa Club of Melbourne

Response to the COVID-19 emergency.

Dated: 20 March 2020

Dear Members

The Club wishes to protect the health of its members and ensure that it meets the recommended and required restrictions on social interaction in the current emergency. We also want to balance the desire of Members to see the continued operation of the Club. To achieve this, and for the duration of the emergency:

Events which emphasise close social interaction will not be held. This includes the monthly breakfasts as they are currently organised, indoor dinner and restaurant events, overnighters where accomodation is shared etc.

As a riding club, ride events will continue to be organised but won’t include group breakfasts or lunches, or have destinations that expose members to risk. Ride organisers will attempt to build in access to take away facilities, or request you supply your own picnic, if meal breaks are required for the ride.

Members are reminded of the current recommendations regarding  social distancing at all social events and the maintenance of a higher level of personal hygiene. Most importantly, if you are feeling unwell at all, do not attend a club event.

Thank you for your support of the club in these difficult circumstances. This advice may change upon further advice by medical authorities and government.

Julie Pond

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