Advanced Riding Course March 18, 2012 in Cheltenham


Hi Everyone, I've just posted a new event for March 18.  Should be a lot of fun but really beneficial.  I just went for my licence (finally of my L's) and did a 6 hour advanced course prior to the test.  It was great to be able to practice emergency braking and swerving without having to worry about hitting anything.  The instructors have told me it will be a fun day with trophies etc.

If there is enough interest to do ahead with it we can then look at meeting up and riding to Cheltenham as a group.  We can also look at organising some refreshments for the day but let's see if anyone is keen first. 


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Sounds good; what's the cost Donna?

It will Cost $1500 with a max of 15 people so $100 each. Obviously they will do it for less than 15 but it will cost the same so we really need to have 15 to keep costs down. I put on the events until 4.30 but I checked their paperwork and they had 5pm.

mmm.. good idea. A refresher course would be well worthwhile. For $100 im up for it.


Do you know if a learner can do this Donna? I would do this with my son (a learner) if you can.

I'm sure it would be no problem at all. It will be very similar to the course they provide to prepare for a licence but with an emphasis on fun as well. I will check with them but would be surprised if they don't say yes. Sign up as I'm sure it will be okay.

Good idea Steve, I might encourage/pay for Elizabeth to do this to!

Who said anything about paying Anne.....well maybe. If parents weren't so soft we would all retire at 40 I reckon.

I've checked with Motorcyle Motion and there is no problem with L plates and in fact it is a great idea.  What we will be doing is going over the skills I learnt prior to getting my full licence but with fun thrown in as well.  I would suggest that those on L plates might prefer to use the scooters that belong to Motorcycle Motion so they can practice the manoevres without worrying about their precious Vespa.  I used their scooter when going for my licence with no problem at all.  In fact it builds your confidence being able to ride other scooters.  Win/Win.

That's great Donna, I will make sure the kid comes along, and uses their scooter, not my gorgeous shiny Francesca!

You can put me down for 2.

That's great news Steve. It looks like we will make the numbers as we only need 5 more and we are full. We will need to start having the discussion on where we should meet for coffee before heading to Cheltenham.

This is such a great thing for the club to do, Donna, good onya for organising it.


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